want my love back

3 min readDec 31, 2020

want my love back :- When two lovers go through a breakup of their relationship, one of them may not be very happy about the situation. He/she may want to get back the estranged partner back into his/her life and mend their relationship to be as before. Luckily, there are many effective ways of reviving the lost love in one’s partner, for bringing him/her back to the broken relationship.

Identify and address the relationship problem — If one can understand why and where their relationship went wrong, it may be easier to patch up the messed up relationship. The over-possessive nature of one partner is the most common cause of breakup and that partner should change his/her ways if he/she still wants the lost lover back in life. If anything is seriously wrong with the other partner, it is time to think over whether it is justified to bring him/her back into life.

want my love back

Give some time to change mind — Mostly, people break up their relationships due to a heated mind and later, they may want to be back with their estranged partners once they cool down. So it is best to spare some time when the partners live away from each other. If both partners find that they are happier currently than when they were involved in the relationship, then it should be accepted that they should move away in life. However, if love really existed between the partners they will start missing each other after a few days and may take initiative to mend their broken relationship once again.

Continue regular communication — If a partner is still interested to get back his/her lost love, he/she should maintain regular communication with the other one even after their breakup. They may chat online or leave a message via Whatsapp or social media sites, according to their convenience. In this way, they may be able to clear up the misunderstandings responsible for their breakup and rekindle their lost love. However, one should not pester the other one for speaking to him/her, as that can worsen the situation.

Contact an efficient astrologer — The best and the easiest way to get back the lost love is to find a competent astrologer, who has long experience in dealing with such problems of his/her clients. This astrologer may perform puja or havan for changing the mind of the estranged partner, following the Vedic rituals in this matter. He may also suggest wearing some gemstones, to cure the ill effects of planets on the life of a client, as per his/her birth chart. Some astrologers also have expertise in Vashikaran mantras, which they apply to revive the lost love almost instantly in the other partner’s heart. However, one should be careful in choosing such an astrologer and needs to check the online reviews of his/her previous clients to be sure of his/her efficiency.

So it is now not entirely possible to get back the lost love even after the breakup of a relationship. All these strategies and particularly, the astrologer’s help are also useful for solving the similar problems of married couples, who are on the verge of a divorce.

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